I was dragged kicking and screaming from my luxurious home to one of the worst places in America.  A festering pit of strollers and very old people who like to walk slowly while taking up the  entire sidewalk called the Upper East Side.  The good news being it was to see the Joan Rivers Documentary.  As we got off the train we passed the another movie theater on 60th and 3rd playing Inception and that lesbo dramedy with Julianne Moore and Anette Benning.  And I said to my unnamed companion when we are finished with Joan we should go see Inception.  Its at this point where the old Jewish lady, decked out like a cast member from Real Old Housewives of the Upper East Side, decided it was time let her unasked for opinion be known.  “oh Gawd, that movie Inception was horrible, horrible, don’t waste your time, not that you asked me, but I’m just saying, me and my eight friends got up and left.  Judy went back and she said it was still awful”  Now normally i hate any kind of interaction with my fellow New Yorkers but there was something about her sassafras visor and mustard yellow Daffy’s  purse and the thought of sharing a bottle of wine with her and this other woman, Judy, that made me smile.  So I bantered with her the whole way to the theater.   We told her we were going to the Joan Rivers documentary and she instantly approved.  We parted ways when we reached the theater.  I like to imagine she went on to hold up a bus while she searched through her purse for exact change all the while telling the bus driver yet another unasked for opinion.  Perhaps something like “a woman with your coloring should be wearing something in more of a teal” or “I can’t stand that Arizona Iced tea, it just makes me have to go to the bathroom”.  The movie by the way was excellent.