Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien or Dusty Springfield a saucy British girl turned 60’s chanteuse who was white as a Mormon but sounded far blacker than Diana Ross could ever dream. She had genuine soul, a yearning, and an ache you seldom heard from a Caucasian. She is my newest obsession, i can’t get enough of her silky smooth voice that could both sooth and raise vocal hell.  She was the original Bacharach girl singing many of his most famous songs.  Her early work defined the 60’s and her music evolved from lush full orchestrated doo-wop tunes to mowtown, and the blues.  The quintessential Dusty album is of course Dusty in Memphis where she recorded her most famous song Son of a Preacher Man.  If you know her you should know her better and  if you don’t know her there is no time like the present.