"How to Strip for Your Husband"

How to Strip for Your Husband

I have a problem.  My problem is I love records (as in LP’s) and I can’t stop buying them.  Of course if you are patient and willing to search you can find some real treasures in 99 cent bins at most of the record stores in NYC.  My boyfriend and I have probably accumulated about 2000 Lp’s over the last few years which is causing quite a storage problem at our place.  But who cares when you find treasures like How to Strip for Your Husband.  It even comes with step by step illustrated instructions (which I have been practicing.)  It’s also where I got the entrance music for my monthly show TOO UGLY FOR TV (see the track For Strippers Only).  Anyways its fun music, dare I say classic, enjoy.  I ripped the LP to my computer and uploaded it for your listening pleasure.  Click the link, download, unzip, and enjoy.